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    Episode 210:&nbspNot the Pink Lipgloss!! We Review the Reviews of "Thankless in Death"
    Podcast in Death

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We Review the Reviews

The Disrespect!! We Review the Reviews of “Born in Death” by J.D. Robb

AJ July 16, 2022 95

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Podcast in Death
Podcast in Death
The Disrespect!! We Review the Reviews of "Born in Death" by J.D. Robb

We’re back with another “We Review the Reviews”!

In this episode, we’re a bit upset by people’s disrespect of Eve by calling her “Detective” rather than “Lieutenant.”

We go off on a rant about how “award winning authors” (and we are skeptical about the “award winning” part) shouldn’t review books by actual award winning and bestselling authors and use their review to hawk their own books. It’s just incredibly tacky.

We will probably say this again in other episodes, but Nora (or anyone else, for that matter) doesn’t need to explain why she set her books in the future. She doesn’t need a reason, there doesn’t even have to be a “purpose.” It’s just where she decided to set her book.

A few of these reviewers don’t understand how Eve doesn’t know anything about baby showers or how to plan a baby shower. But we feel like many people (Including some of the hosts of this podcast) would have no clue how to plan and throw a baby shower, so, we don’t see this as unbelievable. It also seems like many people fail to see how much Eve did participate in the planning and execution of the baby shower, which is frustrating.

Next, let’s face it…some rich people are “baddies.” Some aren’t. Not every rich person in this series is a “baddie.” Some are good people. Some not very rich people in this series are “Baddies.” In short, Nora is really an equal opportunity “baddie” writer.

Also, Roarke is Rich, and people need to stop complaining about that. Roarke being rich is a fun contrast to Eve’s not being rich, and having a problem indulging herself with stuff that Roarke’s riches can buy. It’s supposed to be an enjoyable contrast between Eve and Roarke. Can’t we just enjoy things??

Some reviewers need to be more like the reviewer we have that still enjoyed this book even though Roarke wasn’t her favorite, because they recognize that you can’t win them all.

Having said all that about Roarke, we do recognize Roarke is kind of a dick.

More complaints about too much sex and too much swearing.

We have one reviewer who is dreading the continuing appearances of Mavis’ “Loinfruit.” We love Bella, but we kind of do understand this person. Especially when they said Eve and Roarke go together like Macaroni and Cheese.

We love reviewers who understand Eve and her character growth.

We also kind of agree with the reviewer who said they want to kiss Susan Ericksen on the lips for her stellar narration. But we will refrain from doing so, especially in the middle of a pandemic.

Enjoy, Everyone!

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