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    Episode 213:&nbspThe Commander? Peabody's Meyer's Briggs Personality Type
    Podcast in Death

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We Review the Reviews

Arrogant, Abrasive and Uncouth: We Review the Reviews of of “Purity in Death”

AJ July 17, 2021 131 5

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Podcast in Death
Podcast in Death
Arrogant, Abrasive and Uncouth: We Review the Reviews of of "Purity in Death"

Here we are again, folks, with another “We Review the Reviews!” This time we review the reviews of “Purity in Death!” So many BS reviews for this book!

We start out with another reviewer who didn’t like the book, so therefore they question whether Nora Roberts actually wrote the book.

Then there’s the reviewer who felt that Nora “made social commentary throughout that was either annoying or incredibly bigoted.” We really wish people would give us examples of what they feel is annoying and bigoted.

Next, a review that feels the book was a “techno-babble bore” and that it copied the movie “Star Chamber.” Although, vigilante movies have been around since movies existed, so, “Star Chamber” didn’t invent that genre. Just visit the page on Wikipedia that lists all the vigilante movies that have been made.

There’s a really pretentious a-hole who writes a really long review about how bad they feel Nora’s “mushy, irritating” and writing is. “Purity” in their opinion, is “lame, “boring,” and “tiring” with “…very poor plot line, character growth or mystery.” Plus, TWO SIMILIES IN ONE SENTENCE?? HOW DARE SHE!!??

Here’s some more things we learn about this book in this episode:

  • there is a graphic sex scene in this book.
  • Eve’s tragic backstory is leaned on gratuitously in this series. Also there’s this thing about a dog that’s supposed to be funny but is gross.
  • Roarke is pushy and arrogant
  • Eve just grumped and snarled her way through the book at everyone
  • Eve’s never in her own office
  • Eve is starting to resemble Anita from LKH’s series
  • Eve is “overly arrogant, abrasive, a bully and uncouth”
  • Eve isn’t really solving her own cases “legally,” she needs to use Roarke and do it by crossing that line
  • Obviously, since there are no guns with bullets, the right to bear arms for Americans has been taken away

On the good side, some reviewers really loved this book and the series in general, not to mention Susan Ericksen and we LOVE those reviews.


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