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    Episode 213:&nbspThe Commander? Peabody's Meyer's Briggs Personality Type
    Podcast in Death


We Review the Reviews

“Good Job Pooping!”: We Review the Reviews of “Forgotten in Death”

AJ October 23, 2021 130 5

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Podcast in Death
Podcast in Death
"Good Job Pooping!": We Review the Reviews of "Forgotten in Death"

Hey, Everyone!


It’s time once again for everyone’s favorite podcast episode: We Review the Reviews! This week, we review the reviews of “Forgotten in Death” and there are some really crappy reviews for this one!


We actually start off a bit differently than normal by talking about a horrible review that Nora got on her own blog on a post that publicist Laura created for discussion of “Forgotten.” Click here for the link to see all the awfulness. I mean…calm down, Jan!


UPDATE…we didn’t look at the actual thread when we talked about this comment, so we didn’t see that after Nora ripped Jan a new one, Jan actually did apologize! So, good job, Jan!


After that, there are just a TON of “is Nora even writing these anymore?” comments, some comments about Nora putting her own politics into the books, and only one about the boring, yet passionate sex. Also, the weirdest review we have ever read.


We have someone who felt there wasn’t enough interaction with “Summerfield” and someone “disappointed, almost cheated.” To which Jen said: “Good Job, Pooping!” Which seems appropriate since most of these reviews are crap.



As usual, there’s the obligatory Susan Ericksen review that got AJ pissed off, but one sensible person who says “Susan Ericksen’s audio never fails. WOW!”


Look people: Susan Ericksen’s Roarke voice is pretty spot on, but don’t take my word for it, watch this promotional video for the series “Leonardo” that Aidan Turner starred in where he is interviewed, and listen to his accent. He sounds Irish about 50% of the time.


Also, Jen is a bit perturbed that none of the reviews mention Jake’s ass.


WE NEED YOUR HELP FOR NEXT WEEK’S SHOW! Give us your Top 10 Scary or Spooky moments in the “In Death” Series!


Durning the last part of the show, we discuss how AO3 seems to be progressing with the importing of the fan fics, and the first part of our collection has been imported and is ready for reading! For right now, they are hidden from public view, but if you have an AO3 account, you can see them. They should be unlocked and ready for public view sometime in early November. Here’s the link:


AO3 Fan Fiction Collection


Thanks for listening, Everyone! Enjoy!

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Podcast in Death
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