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    Episode 213:&nbspThe Commander? Peabody's Meyer's Briggs Personality Type
    Podcast in Death



Technology in Death

AJ July 3, 2020 207 5

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Podcast in Death
Podcast in Death
Technology in Death

AJ and Jen talk about the technology in the “In Death” series: what Nora got right, what Nora got wrong, and what we’re not sure about yet.

What the series got right:

Voice Commands – Alexa/Siri

AutoChef – Tovala Oven

Drying Tubes – Tornado Body Dryer

PPC (Personal Palm Computer) – Though, Palm Computing had come out with their first generation of Palm Pilots in 1996, So not much of a stretch.

Droids in menial positions. (again, not much of a stretch)

Seal-It – Several brands of “invisible glove” solutions are on the market now like Ghost Glove

VR goggles (already been around for several years before the series started)

Holo-Rooms: Euclideon Holographics – Jen wonders if a tactile Holoroom, where you can actually feel and interact with things would work. AJ talks about news stories she’s seen where that technology is actually in development. See:

Hologram meetings – DVE Holograms

What the series got wrong:

No text messaging in first several books

Palm Prints: Should be facial recognition?

Still having big, clunky computers

Memo Cubes

Compuguard? Or is that under “we don’t know about that yet”?

What we’re not sure about yet:

Stunners – We do have some companies making “wireless” tasers now, but it will still shoot a dart into a victim. No “laser” style tasers yet, though China has in development a weapon (ZKZM-500) that can shoot a laser beam that burns things.

Flying Cars

Credit Tokens

Privacy Screens



Recreational Space Travel – Virgin Galactic, SpaceX

Something like the Olympus Resort in space – Aurora Station

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Podcast in Death
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