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    Episode 209:&nbspThe Protagonist: Roarke's Meyers-Briggs Personality Test
    Podcast in Death



Wiki in Death

AJ September 11, 2020 1181 5

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Podcast in Death
Podcast in Death
Wiki in Death

Visit the Wiki!

Before you listen to this particular episode, or while you are listening, OR after you listen, make sure you visit the In Death Wiki on!

Howdy, Everyone! In this episode, we take a look at the “In Death Wiki” that is now available on For those of you who don’t know what a Wiki is, just think about Wikipedia! A Wiki is essentially an online encyclopedia. If you are an EDD geek at heart like AJ is, you know that you can start your own wiki on any subject, on your own website or on sites like

We go over the history of the “In Death Wiki.” We give a shout out to “Erryyn,” a member of the now defunct, who practically built up our Wiki on her own, and we are so grateful for her help. Erryyn, if you are out there reading this: Thank You! Also: get in touch with us! We would love to talk to you again!

Anyway…the “In Death Wiki” can help answer practically ANY question you may have about the series.

BUT..Here’s the best part: Any one of you can add any information to the wiki that you feel is important. The whole point of a wiki is to make the information easily accessible, and easy to add to and edit.

The point above is so important because the wiki gets better the more people who are willing to help out and add stuff. We can really use all the help we can get with this. It’s actually pretty easy to add stuff, and if you have questions, just send us a message here, or on any of our social media accounts, and we will help as best as we can. Also: Don’t worry about screwing something up, that’s nearly impossible! AJ can fix anything that might get screwed up…the important thing is for you to ADD STUFF!!

For the rest of the podcast we go over what kind of information you can find on the wiki, and below is a list of where you can find those pages:

Nora Quotes – Things Nora has said about the series, or questions she has answered.

In Death Books in Order of Release

In Death Chronology – A timeline of events in the “In Death” World.

In Death Glossary – A list of terms used in the books.

Book CoversBlue Lady, New York Landmark, and what we call the “Neon” covers.

History as it relates to the “In Death” world.

In Death Laws

Injuries in Death

Eve and Summerset’s Insults

Eve’s Creative Threats

The Candy Thief

Roarke’s History

Roarke’s Mansion

List of All Characters

Page for Jake Kincade that AJ just added

Gaelic in Death – A list of some of the Irish Gaelic words and phrases used in the books

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